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Jill : Puppy- Scooter

So... where do I begin? This empty nester thing is not for this mama. My children, one by one grew up and left the nest, now creating their own. We owned a beagle mix for years that we adopted until she went to doggy heaven. My youngest daughter and husband have a beagle that we love, so I started looking. I knew what we didn’t want, as much as we love Jax, he is way to strong for me to handle, but wanted the temperament and look of a beagle. Do I need to say more? My beagle owning daughter found pocket beagle NY and put a down payment on the exact one she knew I would love❤️ He is my new baby!

​​Caitlyn : Puppy- Maggie

I first came across the family when searching for a mini beagle to add to our own family on the internet. I loved right off the bat that they had pictures of previous litters and pictures of the parents so you could see how small previous babies were. Once we chose our puppy we were able to see frequent updated photos on the website..which was great to watch her grow (SO MUCH CUTENESS). When it was time to bring home our puppy she had all her shots and we received all the records at the time of pick up. We chose the “runt” of the litter so our dog is still very small. She has great energy...sometimes a little TOO much but is the most lovable and friendly dog. 


Patty and I became friends right away when I went to meet her at the farm. She has always been a loving friend, to me and to Ada, also a beagle in our pack, and other human (+dog) friends and family. I have always thought she learned her loving and loyal temperament from babyhood with Scout and Nilla and their loving humans at Pocket Beagle NY. Thank you for the love. Patty is the tricolor in the foreground of our pic.

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